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I have a Japanese exam this Monday (or rather the Japanese exam of this semester...) and I'm actually studying for it but I am really afraid that it's not enough. Studying has never been one of my strengths: I am lazy and my concentration has never been the best.

Now, I'm not afraid I won't pass, my Japanese is good enough for that, but I'd really like to get a good mark, too. I'd absolutely love to have at least 90 of 100 points (60 are required for passing) but somehow I think 70, or 80 at most, would be a lot more realistic. But I wouldn't be happy with that...

The problem is that I have a habit of making stupid little mistakes even with things that are really simple or that I'm good at. Mixing up/forgetting letters or words doesn't really matter in English or German anymore because nobody will believe I actually think "book" would be spelled "boog" or something. But in a new language stuff like that counts as a full mistake.


Back to studying kanji, then.

And vocabulary. OMG, there is so much vocab left to learn...
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For one of my classes (which is in general the most useless class ever) I have to do a presentation and write some kind of essay on the topic of Aum Shinrikyô and Japan's cult problem in general. Research so far has been rather interesting -- though not really fun since it's too stressful for that -- and I am making progress.

But there are some rather strange things about Japanese new religions you can find. Some of those are... weird. And I quote: "Among those that disappeared was Denshinkyo, which worshipped electricity as their main deity and Thomas Alva Edison as one of four lesser deities (...)”

That's pretty damn hilarious.

On a more serious topic, since Aum was "important" from the eighties into the nineties -- with the subway gas attack happening in 1995 -- I am of course reading a lot about Japanese society and the general "mood" of the people.

And then I think, hey, I know most of that stuff.

Because I read Tokyo Babylon.

I think it's very fascinating how well a comic managed to capture the spirit of an era (let's just call it that, okay?). This is hardly news of course -- TYOB was always very obviously critical of social issues (duh) and I've often seen it praised for mirroring the society of it's time...
But it's just been beating me over the head those past few days: The cult Subaru is sent to investigate, the girls that think they are chosen to fight against the end of the word... it's all there. Just one more reason to love it, I guess. ♥
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So, I sort of have an rl. Too much of it in fact...

I haven't been on here in weeks even though I always think "OMG I need to post more and join more communities and get back into fandom" but all that happens is me reblogging pretty pictures on tumblr or doing private RP.

And whenever I get home from uni I am deadly tired and only want to lie on my bed watching Youtube videos.
It's not a very productive lifestyle.
But I do some work for university at least. And I am actually meeting friends and stuff.

But, uh, maybe one day I will manage to get back to writing fanfic and cooking tasty meals...

PS: Still writer's block. For what, three years now?


Jan. 10th, 2012 08:04 pm
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This is apparently one of those days where you suddenly realise that it has become late evening even though you haven't properly eaten during the day, the flat still looks a mess and you have carefully avoided studying for the upcoming, rather important exam.
Obviously, time doesn't care whether you pay attention to it or not.
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