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Feb. 2nd, 2012 12:39 pm
boeserhimmel: (go away world...)
So I manage to oversleep once in twenty years because the alarm clock doesn't ring and of course it's on the one day I'm actually supposed to meet up with to of my my uni friends (?) to have breakfast.

So no meaningful irl social interaction for me today.
It's not as if I wasn't used to that.


Jan. 10th, 2012 08:04 pm
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This is apparently one of those days where you suddenly realise that it has become late evening even though you haven't properly eaten during the day, the flat still looks a mess and you have carefully avoided studying for the upcoming, rather important exam.
Obviously, time doesn't care whether you pay attention to it or not.
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I got some money for Christmas and thought I should invest it wisely.

So I pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIII-2 (the collector's edition) and the guide to go with it (yes, you guessed it, collector's edition).
I also bought Canis Canem Edit (for the PS2), Final Fantasy I (PSP), Dragon Age Origins + add on (PS3), Ico & Shadow of the Colussus (PS3), Uncharted (the first part, PS3) and Bayonetta (PS3). They are supposed to be delivered on Wednesday – let's just hope it works. I have to be home, 'cause two of those games are 18+. *sigh*
Also The World Ends With You. Which won't be delivered on Wednesday.

Bills? What are those?

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