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For one of my classes (which is in general the most useless class ever) I have to do a presentation and write some kind of essay on the topic of Aum Shinrikyô and Japan's cult problem in general. Research so far has been rather interesting -- though not really fun since it's too stressful for that -- and I am making progress.

But there are some rather strange things about Japanese new religions you can find. Some of those are... weird. And I quote: "Among those that disappeared was Denshinkyo, which worshipped electricity as their main deity and Thomas Alva Edison as one of four lesser deities (...)”

That's pretty damn hilarious.

On a more serious topic, since Aum was "important" from the eighties into the nineties -- with the subway gas attack happening in 1995 -- I am of course reading a lot about Japanese society and the general "mood" of the people.

And then I think, hey, I know most of that stuff.

Because I read Tokyo Babylon.

I think it's very fascinating how well a comic managed to capture the spirit of an era (let's just call it that, okay?). This is hardly news of course -- TYOB was always very obviously critical of social issues (duh) and I've often seen it praised for mirroring the society of it's time...
But it's just been beating me over the head those past few days: The cult Subaru is sent to investigate, the girls that think they are chosen to fight against the end of the word... it's all there. Just one more reason to love it, I guess. ♥
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Compared to the 5-volume bunko format version that was published in Germany they are pretty much gigantic. Twice the size I'd say but I'm at my parents' and can't compare them right now. They are also larger than the normal tankoubon, I think. Oh, I'd love to own the 7-volume TYOB edition in Japanese one day but seriously, I'd pay as much for shipping as for the comics and that's... just no. :\ Anyway, it's awesome to see the pictures in that size. The paper quality seems okay as well (nothing special though). Volume 3 will be released in September and I'm still waiting for the delivery of the X Infinity artbook. So I have something to look forward to!

Now I only have to be accepted by the university so that I'll be able to read them one day. :D
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Subaru has a twin that is not Hokuto.

Hokuto remains nowhere to be seen.


Jun. 3rd, 2012 08:26 am
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I guess that means I'll have to start a new character in a few months to properly enjoy this? ...Somehow I don't mind.
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What I wanted to write:
"Subaru just wanted Seishirou to stop talking."

What I actually wrote:
"Subaru just wanted Seishirou to stop stalking."

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Thanks to this awesome ...thing I can today show you the most wonderful thing in the universe.



The resemblance is striking.



I also love this.
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I got some money for Christmas and thought I should invest it wisely.

So I pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIII-2 (the collector's edition) and the guide to go with it (yes, you guessed it, collector's edition).
I also bought Canis Canem Edit (for the PS2), Final Fantasy I (PSP), Dragon Age Origins + add on (PS3), Ico & Shadow of the Colussus (PS3), Uncharted (the first part, PS3) and Bayonetta (PS3). They are supposed to be delivered on Wednesday – let's just hope it works. I have to be home, 'cause two of those games are 18+. *sigh*
Also The World Ends With You. Which won't be delivered on Wednesday.

Bills? What are those?

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One of the reasons I felt like throwing the DVD out of the window.


Dec. 27th, 2011 11:19 am
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1. Well, I am. That is the good news.

2. The not-so-good news is that I haven't written anything in ages (it's been two years, really) and it shows. My writing feels clunky and unnatural, full of repetitions and awkward phrasings. It's like starting all over again, only with higher standards, which is, uhm, not necessarily a good thing.

3. Maybe I chose the wrong stories to start again. When I first got into writing I basically copied scenes from other authors' fanfics (taking the general idea and rewriting it in my own style) and slowly progressed on to smaller stories.
But now, my to-write list sort of goes like this:
- a plot heavy multi-chaptered fic with lots and lots of character development and a hopefully likeable OC
- an AU-PWP oneshot where I fuck around with odne of the characters' ages for kink's sake
- another multi-chaptered fic, this time more about relationship development with a really weird psychedelic plot-setting-thing as framework

Generally, I like them all but who knows, maybe it's just to much for me right now?

4. My fandom is dead. *sobs*
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