Jan. 25th, 2013

boeserhimmel: (go away world...)
I have a Japanese exam this Monday (or rather the Japanese exam of this semester...) and I'm actually studying for it but I am really afraid that it's not enough. Studying has never been one of my strengths: I am lazy and my concentration has never been the best.

Now, I'm not afraid I won't pass, my Japanese is good enough for that, but I'd really like to get a good mark, too. I'd absolutely love to have at least 90 of 100 points (60 are required for passing) but somehow I think 70, or 80 at most, would be a lot more realistic. But I wouldn't be happy with that...

The problem is that I have a habit of making stupid little mistakes even with things that are really simple or that I'm good at. Mixing up/forgetting letters or words doesn't really matter in English or German anymore because nobody will believe I actually think "book" would be spelled "boog" or something. But in a new language stuff like that counts as a full mistake.


Back to studying kanji, then.

And vocabulary. OMG, there is so much vocab left to learn...
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