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While I'm not dead I did do relatively little over the course of the last few months. That doesn't mean, however, that nothing happened. So, a short list of the epic events in my precious little life:

- I will give up biology. The very simple reason behind that is that I found out it's simply not for me. So I'll do Asian Studies starting next semester – hopefully, I'll get that place in Japanese that I hope for. I will have to move anyway, because there is no way in hell I will continue with biology.
So wish me luck!

- I got the platinum trophy for Skyrim. \o/

- Over the last long weekend (from Friday till Tuesday) I visited [personal profile] les_lenne AND IT WAS AWESOME.

- My life is still full of fail. The apartment looks horrible, I lack anything resembling motivation and my self-confidence... well, we better not talk about that.

- Still anxiety. About everything.

- But I'm working on it.

- Still, I think I'm slowly getting back into writing. It's fun whenever I manage to motivate myself to start and I keep getting ideas. For the longest time I was lacking any and all inspiration. I was always able to make up scenes and dialogue in my head but that was gone and I think it's returning. That won't increase the quality of my writing, but hey, that's something you can work on.

- I finished playing Final Fantasy 13-2 and I didn't hate the ending? Didn't like it really, but it fit. The "to be continued"-screen made me really angry, though. I consider getting all the paradox endings and maybe, just maybe, try working towards the platinum trophy. But really, I have more than enough games left to play and I can't create time from thin air.

...I think that was it, mostly. There's a lot of time spent playing video games.
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