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One short, untitled, emotional softcore pornography fic! (193 words)
Fandom: X
Characters/Parings: Seishirou/Subaru
Rating: NSFW, hard R or something?
Notes: For [personal profile] les_lenne. Hopefully, it will make her horrible day a tiny bit better. <3
Criticism is very much welcome, as usual.

Subaru was glad he didn't have to see Seishirou's face as the man pounded him roughly into the mattress, his vice-like grip leaving bruises on Subaru's hips.

That way, he could pretend that Seishirou's features showed something different from his usual cold politeness. Subaru liked to imagine a soft shimmer of sweat on slightly reddened skin, wet lips parted slightly, and clouded, half-lidded eyes under a fringe that was every bit as tousled and sticking to his forehead as his own.
That way, it was easy to pretend that Seishirou's fingers dug so deep not to prove a point but because he had for once lost control, that Seishirou was giving everything he could give, which was very little, and taking everything he wanted – needed – which was so much more
Subaru liked to imagine it so much, in fact, that for a split-second he could actually see the image behind his eyelids, blindingly white, as Seishirou came inside of him with a strangled sound, taking Subaru with him.

Subaru kept his eyes closed, savouring the image, until Seishirou disappeared, leaving behind the lingering scent of cherry blossoms and empty places.
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