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When I try and force my brain to be creative it deliberately makes up the most ridiculous ideas possible.

I believe it is trolling me.
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What I wanted to write:
"Subaru just wanted Seishirou to stop talking."

What I actually wrote:
"Subaru just wanted Seishirou to stop stalking."

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I keep thinking that maybe I should try writing one of the fanfics I am working on in English. My English is far from perfect but I guess it should be good enough if I only put some work in it. I'm also convinced of the following:
Writing mediocre fanfiction in a foreign language is probably easier to bear than writing mediocre fanfiction in your first language.

I predict that those few sentences will now be riddled with silly mistakes.


Dec. 27th, 2011 11:19 am
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1. Well, I am. That is the good news.

2. The not-so-good news is that I haven't written anything in ages (it's been two years, really) and it shows. My writing feels clunky and unnatural, full of repetitions and awkward phrasings. It's like starting all over again, only with higher standards, which is, uhm, not necessarily a good thing.

3. Maybe I chose the wrong stories to start again. When I first got into writing I basically copied scenes from other authors' fanfics (taking the general idea and rewriting it in my own style) and slowly progressed on to smaller stories.
But now, my to-write list sort of goes like this:
- a plot heavy multi-chaptered fic with lots and lots of character development and a hopefully likeable OC
- an AU-PWP oneshot where I fuck around with odne of the characters' ages for kink's sake
- another multi-chaptered fic, this time more about relationship development with a really weird psychedelic plot-setting-thing as framework

Generally, I like them all but who knows, maybe it's just to much for me right now?

4. My fandom is dead. *sobs*
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