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Yup! It's the first two volumes of Tokyo Babylon in the frankly pretty awesome CLAMP Classic Collection. Look at how pretty they are! There's even a colour page per book:


And they actually are books, with a proper book jacket and everything:


Compared to the 5-volume bunko format version that was published in Germany they are pretty much gigantic. Twice the size I'd say but I'm at my parents' and can't compare them right now. They are also larger than the normal tankoubon, I think. Oh, I'd love to own the 7-volume TYOB edition in Japanese one day but seriously, I'd pay as much for shipping as for the comics and that's... just no. :\ Anyway, it's awesome to see the pictures in that size. The paper quality seems okay as well (nothing special though). Volume 3 will be released in September and I'm still waiting for the delivery of the X Infinity artbook. So I have something to look forward to!

Now I only have to be accepted by the university so that I'll be able to read them one day. :D
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